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Question # 2

I was wondering how other cemeteries respond to a family request to bury a loved one's ashes on a family plot that is already full or will be full. since the lot cannot have another traditional burial the request to bury an urn should be no problem except our bylaws and sales agreements state how many burials are allowed on each lot. Many of these family lots are old and were purchased before perpetual care accounts were set up. with more cremations this is a frequent request  and if we continue to allow it we would lose out on sales revenue. Our board of Directors passes a bylaw requiring extra burial of ashes would be allowed if the family paid a $300 perpetual care fee. Currently our single lots sell for $600 of which $300 is perpetual care funds. We already allow one traditional burial & one urn or two urns, the third urn would cost another $300.

The biggest issue is the family want to keep loved ones together, rather than purchase a new lot at the other end of the cemetery. I would like to hear comments from the other cemeteries on how they handle this situation.

Thank you 

Lawrence Wortman

President of Pine Hill Cemetery Ltd


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