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                                                                                                                         Association of

                                                                       New Brunswick

                                                                      Cemeteries Inc.

                                                              It Pays To Be A Member!




Member Benefits:


Insurance:       Protect Your Assets.  / Are You Personally Liable?

            Co-Operative Insurance Rates —

            — Premiums less than $100.00 annually (2020 rates)

            Example:          Commercial General Liability                                         $2,000,000

                        Accident  - Property Damage & Bodily Injury                               $   100,000

                        Building & Equipment extra based on value. 




            Similar Situations crop up in most Cemeteries:

                        Who will look after the Cemetery after I retire?

                        We are depleting our investments, what can we do to stay afloat?

                        Two General Meetings per year, including speakers with appropriate topics.

                        Benefits of Cemeteries Incorporating


Government Issues:

            Belong to a group that  lobbies and works with the Government on your behalf


Membership Rate:


Membership base is $20.00 annually plus $1.25 per burial over 5 to a maximum of $180.00.  HST is not applicable



Contact Information:


Valerie Traer, President    Donna Gray, Vice President     Graham West, Secretary    Stephen Jarvis, Treasurer

506-684-2506                      506-672-4309                                506-850-1672                         506-672-5044

Dalhousie Riverview Extension 3
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