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1                         Dalhousie Riverview Cemetery

Dalhousie Riverview Cemetery Extension located on Route 134 in New Mills.  It was established in 1956 after our location in Dalhousie was filled.

Pictured here is the Dalhousie Riverview Cemetery. The oldest stones date back to 1812 and it is considered to be Dalhousie's oldest cemetery. A book entitled " Stones By the River" is a guide to the cemetery and was compiled by William Clarke , a local historian.

President   Valerie Traer    506 6842506

Treasurer   Ruth Dickie       506 6842667

Secretary  Gail Levesque  506 8263156

History of Dalhousie Riverview Cemetery


     Hundreds of cars drive past Dalhousie’s Riverview Cemetery every day, but few of their occupants give it much attention. Although it has a prominent location, right at the end of the main street, hardly anyone knows how much local history is hidden behind the ageing gravestones.

The cemetery started as the St. John’s Church of Scotland churchyard back in 1839, Just over a decade after the town’s founding. The church, itself, later moved to a new location (1883), but the cemetery itself was expanded. It would become the main Protestant cemetery for the area and includes burials of people from Campbellton and other centres.

    Some of the oldest markers are sandstone. Although they look similar, some have deteriorated almost to the point of being illegible while others show almost no erosion. A lot of them tell fascinating and important stories.

    Restigouche County had three MPs in Canada’s first parliament, and two of them are buried in a small area just inside the main street. William Caldwell was elected in a by-election after the first MP took an important post office job. He died not long after and was succeeded by George Moffat. But the Moffat plot includes the graves of two other MPs: George’s son, Robert, was elected to the fifth parliament and his brother, another George, succeeded him after he died in office. Thus, we have, in an area no more than fifty feet square, four MPs. One of the Moffat stones also mentions another Robert, who died at Vimy Ridge a few days before the famous battle.

When Lord Dalhousie, then Governor-General of Upper and Lower Canada, visited the site of Dalhousie in 1826, he noted the presence of two industrious Scots whom he identified as a Montgomerie and a Hamilton. That would have been John Montgomery, who had come here from Prince Edward Island. He was joined by his brothers Hugh and, for a short time, Big Donald. Donald would return to the Island and enter politics. He was appointed to the Senate, but his main claim to fame is that he was the grandfather of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables and many other works.

    Another descendant of those first Montgomerys was W. S., who left Dalhousie to seek his fortune during the Klondike gold rush. He returned and became Dalhousie’s first mayor following incorporation in 1905. Ironically, this man who survived the Klondike and was the owner of the town’s first car was stuck by a pickup truck and died. These men are all buried in an area beside the town fire hall.

    The most unusual stone has to be that of Henry Chalk of Swansea, Wales, captain of the Brig Vulcan, who died in 1859 and is buried in Dalhousie. The stone is in the form of a coffin and lies flat on the ground. We must speculate that it was made in Wales and brought here to mark his resting place.

    And there are a lot of markers commemorating children lost to disease in a time when medical science had little to offer those in need. One lists three children of a prominent lawyer, Andrew Barbarie and his wife, Eliza. They died within a matter of two months of what the newspapers at the time called “malignant Scarlet Fever and Putrid Sore Throat.

    Riverview Cemetery offers an engaging introduction to cemetery interpretation and the way markers preserve important chapters in our history. It’s well worth a visit, and so easy to find.

  • William Clarke

2.                      Cedar Hill Greenwood Cemetery


Contact Information

Donna Gray    Cedar Hill Greenwood   1650 Manawagonish Road

Saint John   NB   E2M 3Y3

Phone 506 672-4309   Fax  506 672-9369


Greenwood Cemetery,                            Cedar Hill Cemetery Extension                 Cedar Hill Cemetery

1380 Sand Cove Road                              1650 Manawagonish Road                           470 Lancaster Road            

Saint John                                                     Saint John                                                          Saint John


Pine Hill Cemetery

                                                           PINE HILL CEMETERY LTD.

                                                                     2631 River Rd.

                                                               Salisbury, NB E4J 2R1



Pine Hill Cemetery Ltd. Is located at 2941 Main St. in Salisbury and has been in existence for many years with headstones that date back to the 1860’s. The cemetery was incorporated on August 12, 1963. Pine Hill Cemetery is a non-denominational burial faculty, and managed by a dedicated group of volunteers.



Burial Lots are available at the current rate: (2017)

Double Lot $ 400.00 plus Perpetual Care $ 400.00 plus HST for a total of

$ 920.00

Single Lot $ 250.00 plus Perpetual Care $ 250.00 plus HST for a total of

 $ 575.00



Pine Hill Cemetery is a registered charity and official receipts will be provided for all donations.



Our volunteer Board of Directors are actively involved in managing and maintenance of the cemetery. Any inquiries can be directed to Lawrence Wortman(Pres.) at 372-4227 or Doug Sentell (Vice Pres) at 372-5344.

New Mills Protestant Cemetery is located on Route 134 in New Mills. The cemetery was established in 1909 and incorporated in 1943. For more information contact:

Joyce Nichol, President- 684-3404

Joan Peterson, Treasurer- 684-3908

Arthur Taylor, Caretaker- 237-5714 

3                           New Mills Protestant Cemetery

  4.                               Pioneer Cemetery

Penobsquis    Route 114    NB

5.    The Glades Baptist Church & Cemetery Inc.       

              588 Sanatorium Road,  


              The Glades, NB. E4B 1X5




The Glades Baptist Cemetery is managed by dedicated volunteers who either own lots or have family buried there giving them a special interest in the care and maintenance of the grounds. The oldest part of the cemetery was established in the mid-1800’s. Unfortunately, there are not any records as to lot sizes or information on lot purchases from that time. Therefor there are no further burials in that part of the cemetery. The newer part of the cemetery was started in 1949 and incorporated in 2012.


                            2018   Lots -  Current rate                                                                                                                                       

  Single Lot Size - 4’ x 10’ cost $300 plus opening/closing fee of $100 per burial.           

  Double Lot – 8’ x 10’ cost $600 plus opening /closing fee of $100 per burial                         

 Note: Opening /Closing fee covers the cost of accurate marking of the grave on   site and coordinating with the funeral director and the immediate family.

     Donations to assist with the maintenance of the cemetery are gratefully accepted and appreciated.

   Please mail to;                                                                                                              The Glades Baptist Cemetery,                                                                                     

   588 Sanatorium Road, The Glades,  NB. E4B 1X5                                                      (Receipts will be mailed out for income tax purposes. Please provide complete mailing address)

                                                                Board of Directors                                                                                                                                                          Inquires email:

                               E. Jean Steeves    506.756.2561                                                 

                             Thelma Plume  506.372.9379                                                                                              Valerie Colpitts 506.372.5440                                                    

                            Ivan Steeves 506.3842957                                                                                                                                           












           6.        Middlesex Community Cemetery                                                                    MiddlesexRoad,                                                                                 Colpitts Settlement, NB.                                                                                 


Middlesex Community Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery managed by   dedicated volunteers. It was established in 1888 and incorporated in 2012.

                                                          Lots - Current rate  2018                                                                                          Single Lot Size - 5’ x 10’ cost $250 plus opening/closing fee of $100 per burial.       

 Double Lot – 10’ x 10’ cost $400 plus opening /closing fee of $100 per burial                   

Note: Opening /Closing fee covers the cost of accurate marking of the grave site                                               and coordinating with the funeral director and the family.

Donations to assist with the maintenance of the cemetery are gratefully accepted and                                                                           appreciated.

                                                      Please mail  to                                                                                 Middlesex Community Cemetery                                                                    c/o Gloria Jameson                                                                                                25 Colpitts Road, Colpitts Settlement                                                              NB. E4J 1A6                                                                                       (Receipts will be mailed out for income tax purposes. Please provide complete mailing address)

                                                             Board of Directors                                         Inquires email:

                                                                                                                                                    Gloria Jameson 372-4785                                                                                     Denise Douthwright 372.5483                                                        

           Rex Lewis 372.9998

6.         Our Lady of Calvery Cemetery

Dieppe NB

Cimetiere Notre Dame du Calvaire-Diane-0
Cimetiere Notre Dame du Calvaire-Diane-0
Cimetiere Notre Dame du Calvaire-Diane-0
Cimetiere Notre Dame du Calvaire-Diane-0

7.  Hopewell Cemetery Co.
Hopewell Hill N.B.

Hopewell Cemetery.jpeg

8.                                              Cardwell Cemetery

Penobsquis NB

The Cardwell Cemetery is an interdenominational cemetery on Route 114 in Penobsquis. It was established in 1840  and was situated alongside the Cardwell Baptist Church which later became the Penobsquis United Baptist Church

9.                               Welsford Valley Cemetery

Welsford NB

welsford Valley.jpg

The Welsford Valley Cemetery is a small cemetery located at Civic No 8525 on Route 101 in the village of Welsford, New Brunswick. 

As a result of the work of a few dedicated volunteers in the village, “Letters Patent” incorporating the Welsford Valley Cemetery Company, Limited was signed December 23, 1954 by the Province of New Brunswick and the Welsford Valley Cemetery Company, Limited was formed at a meeting on January 15, 1955.

The Company currently is composed of a Board of ten active Directors, including a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Cemetery Company is a Registered Charity providing official tax receipts for any and all donations which may be forwarded to the Treasurer at the address given below.

There are several burial lots (both single and double) including Perpetual Care still available.  Further information is available by contacting one of the following:

President, James Nutter                                    486-2956

Vice President, Elizabeth (Beth) Vallis          486-2928    

Treasurer, Linda Spinney                                 486-2144

Secretary, Cathy Parker                                    486-2140

10.                      Calhoun United Baptist Cemetery

Calhoun NB


Calhoun United Baptist Cemetry Trust Fund

Calhoun United Baptist Cemetery Trust Fund, supports a non-denominational cemetery located on Gayton Road, Civic Number 108 in Gayton, N.B.


The cemetery originally rested alongside the former Union Church which was established in 1903. The church was later re-located to Calhoun, N.B. in 1946. 


In 1992 Eileen & Harold Toole, now Directors of the Calhoun United Baptist Cemetery Trust Fund, initiated and undertook the significant restoration of the cemetery. Through research of microfilm at the Moncton Public Library, archives at Mount Allison University and a sister cemetery on Elmwood Drive in Moncton, they were able to identify and mark the graves of some of those interred at that location. A book entitled “Memories of a Village and a Church” authored by Eileen Toole, cemetery co-director, local resident and retired school teacher, is a useful guide to the history of the cemetery.


A voluntary committee oversees the administration, operation and maintenance of the cemetery.  Business meetings are held on a semi-annual basis.


Current members of the Calhoun United Baptist Trust Fund are as follows:


Eileen & Harold Toole, Directors

Carolyn O’Hanley, President

Leandre Landry, Secretary

Helen Lewis, Treasurer

Gloria Cail

William Hambrook


Burial plots:

Perpetual care burial plots are available at the cost of $350.00.

Grave opening and closing is the responsibility of the purchaser.


For more detailed information, please direct inquiries to: Carolyn O’Hanley, President (506) 858-5504, Helen Lewis, Treasurer (506) 388-9223 or Leandre Landry, (506) 758-9762.

11.                                           Horsman Cemetery

Lutes Mountain NB

The Horsman Cemetery Inc. is located at 48832 Homestead Rd., Lutes Mountain. It started as a family cemetery in the early 1800's for the Horsman family but as time went on extended family members and non family were allowed to bury their loved ones.

In 1969 Guy Horsman the property owner at the time wanted to sell his farm so started the process to separate the cemetery from the rest of the farm to create a public buying ground. He approached four men who had Horsman family buried there to be the trustees of and look after the Horsman Cemetery.  The cemetery was incorporated on 22 January 1979 and continues to be managed by volunteers. For more information contact Dawn Lutes 384-4967 or Betty Lutes 384-0903.

20190708_130238 (1).jpg

12.                               Stilesville United Church Cemetery

Stilesville NB



       1275 Gorge Road  Moncton NB

      President:   Lea Briggs   PO Box 1084   Salisbury   N.B.   E4J3E2     384 7564

      Treasurer:  David close  PO Box 25095   Moncton   N.B.    E1C9M9   854 8620

13.                                        Cumberland Point Community Cemetery

Cumberland Point NB




















The historic Cumberland Point Community Cemetery is located on the McLean Road at Cumberland Point, Queens County, NB, The Point is a headland which extends about 10 kms into the southeast side of Grand Lake, the largest lake in the Maritime Provinces.


After the American Revolution in 1783, approximately 14,000 men and women, choosing to remain loyal to the British Crown, relocated from the United States to the Province of New Brunswick. A number of these ‘Loyalists’ made their way to Queens County and Cumberland Point, originally known as Buckwheat Point. Shortly after, settlers made their way from Great Britain, particularly Scotland.


The Cumberland Point cemetery was established about 1843 with only a few headstones on the grassy knoll overlooking the beautiful panorama of Grand Lake. Tripling in size, the grounds have become the final resting place for the early settlers, their descendants and many others.  It serves the needs of all denominations and beliefs.


In 2022, the committee undertook to consolidate an even older grave site with the present one. This burial site known as the McLean Cemetery dates back to 1801 and is located on the Cumberland Point Road just a few kilometers from the main cemetery.


In an effort to transition the former volunteer-based maintenance of the grounds to perpetual care, the Directors have taken on the task of securing the necessary funds through the sale of plots, donations by families and friends along with many other fundraising ventures.


Donations are gratefully accepted and may be mailed to the Cumberland Point Community Cemetery, 152 McLean Road, Cumberland Bay, NB, Canada E4A 3K3. (Receipts for income tax purposes will be provided.)


Lot prices are: single (5x9’) $350 or double (10x9’) $500.



President John Landry – 506 362-5346

Vice-President Darrell Welton – 506 429-2011

Treasurer Linda Dunham – 506 362-9202

Secretary Carol McLean – 506 260-2039

Lots Manager Roy Kaye – 506 512-1824


14.                                              Wheaton Cemetery Co.Inc.

20 Goddard Road

Wheaton Settlement N.B.


President:  Doug Murphy

Secretary: Brenda Armstrong

Treasurer: Nadine Crossman

506 756 3938  

The original land was given by William Wheaton to the Free Christian Baptist General Conference of New Brunswick on April 26 1868 and registered on May 20 1869. A certain confirmatory Indenture of the Deed given by William Wheaton and Mary Wheaton, his wife, to the Free Christian Baptist General Conference of New Brunswick on April 26 1875 and registered on May 24 1875.

In 1912 all lands were invested in The Association of United Baptist Churches of New Brunswick.

In 1921, all lands held by The Association of United Baptist Churches of New Brunswick was dissolved and transferred to The Home Mission board of the United Baptist Convention of the Maritime Provinces.

In 1965, The Home Mission board of the United Baptist Convention of the Maritime Provinces be changed to The Home Mission board of the United Baptist convention of the Atlantic Provinces.

On February 27, 1978, The Home Mission Board of the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces deeded it to The Wheaton Settlement Cemetery Inc. to operate and maintain the cemetery.

The property is adjacent to The Cornerstone Community Church Ltd. (United Baptist Church) at Wheaton settlement.

The Wheaton Settlement Cemetery was Incorporated on July 6 1977. Wheaton Settlement Cemetery Inc. 530 Wheaton Settlement Road , Wheaton Settlement  N.B. E4Z6H5.

Our old cemetery is almost filled up. Our new cemetery consists of ½ acre which was given to the Wheaton settlement Cemetery Inc. from Jacob and Frederika Wesselius in exchange for 10 plots with perpetual care.

Our annual cemetery meetings are held every year on the second Tuesday of May. We are always looking for new members.

wheaton cemetery 5.jpg
wheaton cemetery 7.jpg

15.                                                Harvey Bay View Cemetery

500 Mary's Point road

Harvey N.B.

President     Harley tingley

Secretary    Jennifer Rossiter






An act was passed on april 30 1880 by the general assembly of New Brunswick to establish

this cemetery. The cemetery is 3 acres in size and located in Albert County. There were 11 known burials that took place when the cemetery was first established. There are currently 830 known interments and it is still an active cemetery. 


16.                                                  St. George Rural Cemetery

Ralph Bueler- Board chair
Sara Sparks Vice Chair
Joan Majchrowski-Secretary/Treasurer


72 Carleton St.

St. George N.B.

E5C 3C7 

1 506-898-1350 Facebook












Since our founding in 1876, over 4000 families have chosen St George Rural Cemetery to help them secure a lasting, dignified and picturesque memorial property for loved ones. Today we operate as a not for profit organization dedicated to  the founders vision of protecting the natural beauty of our land. Whether you currently have a loved one memorialized on our grounds, or are considering the  George Rural Cemetery  yourself, we welcome you to the peace and tranquility that is the St George Rural Cemetery.

On April 18, 1876 the Act to Incorporate the St. George Rural Cemetery Company was passed by the Provincial Government. St. George Rural Cemetery was established in the late 19th century as the St. Mark’s/First Community Cemetery reached capacity. It now contains over 3,800 known burials. The St. George Rural Cemetery is considered non-denominational, and with an accumulative total of 19 acres of land, is the second largest cemetery in Charlotte County after the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery.

Some noted historical persons buried at St. George Rural Cemetery are Hon. Arthur Hill Gillmor (1824-1903) and his son, Hon. Daniel Gillmor (1849-1918), both of whom were Senators of the Dominion of Canada. The cemetery has many gravestones that reflect the once thriving local granite industry and its associated businessmen such as Epps, Meating, Coutts, Milne and O'Brien. These men created and sustained the granite industry in St. George for more than 80 years. Their gravestones are monumental, ornate and finished in red, black and pink locally quarried granite.

The cemetery is situated on two parcels of land with, the oldest portion located at the bottom of the hill (western section of PID# 01316637). In 1963, the cemetery acquired the second parcel of land (PID# 01316637) from Mr. Burton Stewart. The cemetery is accessible from the end of 72 Carleton Street.(source: Charlotte County Interments Index - New Brunswick Genealogical Society, ISBN: 978-0-9916887-1-5)

St Georges Rural #1 .jpg
St Georges rural #3.jpg
St Georges Rural #4.jpg
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